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Catfish of KUMANO

Poisson Chat de KUMANO

Rich / Nourish and delicious catfish brought up with the Japanese genuine pure water which the Kumano catfish is consistent until it became the adult fish from incubation and then cultivated by plenty of love of SHINGU PORT FOODS Co,.


``The Kumano catfish”

“The Kumano catfish” which lavishes great care in nursery in incubation area at Shingu port foods in Japan, and brought up with the Japanese genuine pure water which the Kumano catfish is consistent until it becomes the adult fish from incubation and then cultivated is brought up,” in Japanese single-mindedness until it becomes the adult fish from an egg until the end of. Now we are able to just export these Kumano catfishs in response to world demand.
In response to the request of each countries, we cope to offer to the size, shape, according to the needs of the world customer, importer including the various cooking method proposals.

As because there are few heat capacity and lipid

As because there are few heat capacity and lipid, a lot of protein turn to the healthy athlete. 
Excellent Product for woman, child and elderly people.

Energy kcalProteingLipidgIronmgZincmg
Ordinary current Catfish15918.
Kumano catfish12822.64.20.500.67
Our handling products line-up



Ultra rapidly freeze the Kumano catfish which removed the internal organs and perform gas flushing in vacuum pack.



Ultra rapidly freeze the Kumano Catfish which removed the internal organs to three sliced pieces and perform gas flushing in vacuum pack.

Unglazed pottery
Kabayaki ( Baked in Japanese sauce )


Ultra rapidly freeze the kabayaki which is just bake the fillet or with Japanese sauce by which
three sliced pieces of filet and do gas flushing in vacuum pack.

Aqua Culture technology


The completely cultured Kumano catfish which grew with the groundwater of the foot of the beautiful mountains until it became the adult fish from an egg

Grew with the groundwater of the foot of the beautiful mountains, nation’s first new method in Japan, to the size that a fry, an adult fish could cultured from the egg using the groundwater which is beautiful in the nursery by the complete cultured “Kumano catfish” which we brought up completely cultured “Kumano catfish”, and as a result of having made full use of a technique every upbringing of the catfish using artificial feed as of original combination while we repeated studies until now, as for the bait, a delicious catfish was born !
In the rearing pond, we do not use the medicines at all and bring up “Kumano catfish” without the stress in an additive-free state, and therefore entering it in the nursery carries out hygiene management called the prohibition thoroughly other than the exclusive belonging employee.
In addition, check the quality of the water and the water temperature of the rearing pond carry out a regime thoroughly to influence the growth of “the Kumano catfish” very much and the growth state of “the catfish” regularly every day.
The problem of the smell peculiar to a river fish solves it in the rearing pond by our new method in pure groundwater and invention of the bait, the quality of the water, water temperature management and the environment that there is not of the stress.

Secured and safe food “Kumano catfish”

“The Kumano catfish” is already taken away for media relations and, as new high quality ingredients, it has been treated in the famous hotels and restaurants and attract attention in getting a favorable reception.
The catfish is delivered as a substitution of the eel appointed to an endangered species these days in the media, but “the Kumano catfish” is the high quality ingredient which is appreciated as the new possibility in taste to exceed it but not the replacement of the simple eel.
We had a chef of French Cuisine who rans business in Japan in using “the Kumano catfish” for the first time and created three articles of French food. The taste is exquisite.
« It is one of such a delicious taste without bad smell from » this French chef says that he met such a execellant foodstuff for the first time after this French chef visiting the nursery “the Kumano catfish”and checking a culture technology with his eyes, and having admitted as ingredients of the highest grade in relief safe “Kumano catfishs”,. he had commented”.
There is the nursery near a river flowing through the foot of a mountain of Kumano, and a lot of sweetfishes play in the river when it is a season coming.
The complete cultured of “Kumano catfish” lavishes great care in a well thought-out the culture technology in such an environment and brings you up.


Well thought-out to the limited end of “processing technology and process”

In case of the shipment of “the Kumano catfish”, after having performed gravity-feed irrigation and bait omission of the pure water, we transfer them to the processing ground from a nursery and perform processing work to perform blood omission, slime collecting quickly and we primarily think about the freshness maintenance of “the Kumano catfish” which there is not of the bad smell.

①After having performed the acceptance of “the catfish” from a nursery in the processing ground, we remove the internal organs without blood and, in case of a cicada dress, rapidly freeze them with a blast chiller, and the freezing keeps them after gas flushing in the pack.

②When we make a fillet, we do “the catfish of Kumano” which did exenteration without blood in a fillet state by a head cutter machine and slicing in three pieces of machine. we do freshness maintenance by quick freezing with a blast chiller, and we perform gas flushing, and the freezing keeps the fillet in vacuum pack.

③In belonging to unglazed pottery or with sauce, and, in case of unglazed pottery, kabayaki, depend by a jet oven machine in “the catfishs of Kumano” which made a fillet in ② grill them, and rapidly freeze them with a blast chiller, and tansfer to gas flushing, then to the freezing keeps them in vacuum pack.

Cooking examples of the Kumano catfish


Cooking examples of the Kumano catfish utilized the delicious taste of the material itself

熊野なまず 寿司

As for the cooking which is simple, and kept taste of the material of the “Japanese food” utilized the material of the Kumano catfish alive, the Japanese food is classic.

You can enjoy a texture and the taste that are new in what use for dishes such as sushi, tempura, deep-fried, and the kabayaki.
Catfishs are well introduced by the replacement including an eel and the sea bream, but “the Kumano catfishs” are different. As we breed the Kumano catfish of the thorough quality of the pure water, with the breeding management very carefully, so that its delicious taste is condensed.

Collaboration in festival of Kumano catfish and french cuisine

The catfish is generally used widely abroad. For this time,it is a famous french chef in Bistro Mirabelle of Mr.F.GOGUE : Three articles of French food using the Kumano catfish which Mr.F.GOGUE had for the first time created 3 different French dishes.

Following cooking dish names

Tartare of the Kumano catfish (the cold raw sliced )
Lentil beans and vegetables adding paprika source

Kumano catfish and Terrine de saumon
Potato and the parsley with Omar Rapeo sauce

The Kumano catfish, and oven firing cheese crunch-crunch
Flavor parsley and a risotto scallop in provencal style with the tomato source of the mussel

熊野なまず フランス

World heritage

World Heritage

Town of the world heritage which has been loved blessed with rich nature and a warm climate by people more than the ancient times

There is in the southeastern part of Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range “Kumano Sanzan”

Kii Mountains assumed the special area where gods dwell in for a long time and calls three and one temple of “NatizanSeigantoji” of the “Hongu, Kumano big shrine” “Kumano-Hayatamataisha ” “Kumano Nachi big shrine” with “Kumano Sanzan” is linked among “Kumano ancient roads (Kumano prayer way) by a side way and is the hallowed ground of the gods and Buddha who brought up various faith forms such as the mountaineering asceticism that Shinto which came from nature worship, foreign Buddhism, neither were tied to.
We are keeping in good condition over a wide area with prayer ways (ancient morality) such as Kumano prayer way, Yamacho, Koya Ishimichi, “Ohmineokugakemichi”, and the mountains, “cultural scenery” united with the forest are detected, and, in July, 2004, “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range” is registered with a world heritage of the UNESCO.
Photo courtesy: The city of Shingu business and industry sightseeing section.

“Kumano Hayatama Taisha”

Around the precincts of current “Kumano Hayatama” where a main shrine of the rebuilding is completed in 1952, it includes a place “resting place for a shrine” of the festival to sail up “an honorific title of a Japanese god mountain” and the Kumano River approximately 1km “Mifune island” (Kiho-cho, Mie). It seems to become clear by archeological investigation and documents historical materials, picture that the precinct of a Shinto shrine close against the river bank of the Kumano River just follows a position since the twelfth century at the latest. On “an honorific title of a Japanese god mountain,” the existence of many scripture mounds is confirmed, and it is enshrined “Kamikura Shrine” by the hillside. The huge stone (Gotobiki) said that an enshrined deity of Hayatamataisha descended first is believed in as a sanctuary of the welcome festival for the deities returning from Izumo Shrine from the ancient times. The annual festival “light festival” of Kamikura Shrine becomes the immaterial folk cultural assets of the Wakayama designation as a festival to inherit primitive faith.